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Shimmy to the left


High Beam done

I had a bit of a break from these things but got stuck in the last couple of days, I got the ball rolling by getting a mate, Simon to turn them up on a metal lathe at his work. Everything else I was able to do and was fairly straight forward just took I bit of getting my head around.

So heres what I came up with, theres a plastic lens thats sitting on top of the led and the led mounted to the heatsink with arctic silver thermal paste to transfer the heat. Heres a post I made around the time that I got them, so yeah its been awhile https://dsd32.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/xm-lt60/

And a shot of it mounted in the headlight, I used a speaker port to try and tidy up the hole they come out of and to try and stop dust and water getting in. Will work a lot better when I figure out how to seal it all properly.

Beam me up

Here’s a quick shot of my high beam led head lights I’ve been working on, should end up being close to 900 lumens. I’ve added some lenses to them which make them act more like a halogen bulb.20121102-193523.jpg